A Vancouver Island Tradition Since 1973

Our Retail Stores:  Courtenay / Duncan / Langford / Powell River

Your Original Feeds

You have beliefs, your way to feed your animals, your concern for your animal’s feed, concern for the world. We listen. We suggest. We provide solutions. We have feed made from ingredients improved by natural methods. For your chickens, your pigs, your cows, your rabbits.

Original Feeds

  • 20% Chick Starter
  • 20% Chicken Grower Pellets
  • 16% Poultry Grower Pellets
  • 17% Poultry Finisher Pellets
  • 16% Layer Pellets
  • 18% Layer Pellets
  • Hen Scratch
  • 18% Pig Starter
  • 16% Hog Grower
  • 14% Sow Pellet
  • 16% Dairy Pellet

The Top Shelf Difference

Our genuine interest in your farm is what leads us to provide you with the highest quality ingredients at the best possible price and delivering the highest quality feed with honest, knowledgeable, and unbeatable service.