A Vancouver Island Tradition Since 1973

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Your Poultry Flocks

You have 50,000 layer chickens, you know your birds, what they need. We can supply it. You have 60,000 broiler chickens. They are your livelihood. We respect that. We will go above and beyond to give the best service possible.

You have 50 broiler chickens, you know your customers, what they want in their chicken feed. We work with you to meet their needs.

You have 10 turkeys, or 5 laying hens in your backyard, you have questions. We will answer them. We have the equipment, feed, supplies.

You have Emu, you know which ration they need. We will make it for you.

Our Poultry Feeds


  • 20% Chicken Starter Amprolium
  • 16% Chicken Grower
  • 18% Layer Pellets and Crumbles
  • 16% Layer Pellets
  • Custom Bulk Feed


  • 20% Chicken Starter Amprolium & Plain
  • 20% Chicken Grower
  • 17% Poultry Finisher
  • Custom Bulk Feed


  • 27% Turkey Starter
  • 22% Turkey Grower
  • 17% Poultry Finisher
  • Custom Bulk Feed

Custom Feeds by Our Nutritionist

With 30 plus years of providing leading nutritional advice to farmers, and feed mills we are extremely fortunate to have Everett on our team. Everett’s qualifications and experience make him a leading adviser in nutrition, mill production, and feed safety.